Review Process

We here at are a diverse group of music producers. Each of us has our own set of strengths, our own set of weaknesses, our own years of experience, and discography of sounds. We strive to give music producers and engineers of all skill levels information on digital audio workstations (DAWs), virtual instrument plugins (VSTs), and more. Our job here is to inform you of our personal experiences, and give you all easy to ascertain information regarding this software – their advantages, their pitfalls, and what we have gathered from our personal experience when dealing with them.

Psyrox Review Process

I’ve wrote several articles in the past regarding the “best of this” and the “best of that,” such as Best Reverb VST’s, Best Guitar VST’s to Get the Shred Out, and more. The purpose of these articles isn’t to give definitive credence to one VST over another – it’s simply a reflection on what software has worked best for me, personally, in the past. The same goes for the digital audio workstation reviews floating around the site. These DAW’s were tested by each reviewer, to ensure their level of quality, their set of unique features, and how they stack up to other DAW’s.

We pride ourselves in providing musicians and producers helpful information as they start and / or continue their journey in music production. It can be a lot to take in for beginners, and it can still be intimidating even after years of experience. There is simply so much virtual instruments, so many different choices when picking out the ideal digital audio workstation. What may work for me, may be the worst investment you’ve ever personally made. Having said that, it’s wise to always check out demos and trial versions of software before investing finances into a permanent purchase. And it’s also good to scour the internet for second, third, and even fourth opinions. By the same token, a software synth you might find particularly engaging might seem dull and lifeless to me. Music is subjective, music production is a diverse art and there are many paths to take, many shortcuts, many production habits that can prove beneficial to the strengthening of your craft.

Supplement your knowledge with more knowledge, and supplement this accrued knowledge with first-hand experience. As I mentioned earlier, snag a few demos and trial versions of rival software. Stack them up next to each other, write out a bullet list of the pros and cons of each piece of software, and make an educated decision when making a purchase. Also, bear in mind, many freeware software is available – from hundreds of diverse synths to even free digital audio workstation’s like Audacity. Weigh each option carefully, experiment with as many different pieces of software as possible, and invest accordingly.

With that said, I’d like to reiterate that there is NO “Best reverb VST.” There is no “Best guitar VST.” Some pieces of software will clearly have a bigger budget, clearly have been developed by a much larger team, or have more polish. But there is a lot of high quality free software available – just check out KVR Audio to see for yourself! There is no best of anything, besides what you personal best will be. So bearing that in mind, try out as many different trials and demos as possible, and take into special consideration the synths and DAW’s we suggest – we’re here to help! Happy producing, Psyrox readers!