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In-Depth Guide to the Best Microphone Stands on the Market 


You probably looked at the title here and thought, ‘Do I really need know about the best microphone stands on the market?’


If you’re serious about developing the best studio for yourself, then the answer is ‘Yes, absolutely’. Every single piece of equipment and alteration that is done to your studio should be meticulously crafted if you’re serious about building momentum in your favor for yourself.


Microphone stands are crucial in any studio setup because they need to not only accommodate various recording artists but the room that they are placed in as well. As with all things in life, there’s a substantial difference between high and low-quality and you will notice the luxuries or limitations of each.


If you’ve ever used a terrible microphone stand, then you’ll understand just how important it is to find one of the best microphone stands on the market to ensure that you don’t have any annoying or frustrating or unnecessary delays for recording.


For example, one stand that one of our staff bought was your ‘garden variety’ musical stand from a music shop. When he went to setup the entire stand he noticed that the stand was not able to hold the weight of his microphone. As a result, the pole that he would use to adjust the stand to be the correct height would keep falling down into the pole whenever he would touch it. As you could imagine, this was not only frustrating but extremely inconvenient as it ruined various recording takes, restricted his movement and generally made recording nearly impossible.


There’s also the risk that the inappropriate actually damages your equipment. Because of the instability of the microphone stand that one of our staff members purchased, the stand would nearly tip over at times. If you’re working one of the (best microphones [hyperlink]) then you face the risk that you’ll severely damage your device, costing your hundreds. Musical hardware is often very sensitive and sudden shocks or damages can significantly impair its ability to function properly.


Fortunately, our staff member was able to salvage his microphone before canning the stand but imagine all the headache he could have avoided if he had simply bought a high-quality microphone stand! And that’s just one instance in which a low-quality microphone stand can significantly impede your abilities to have a solid recording session.



Aren’t All Microphone Stands the Exact Same?


No, they aren’t. Some stands are purposed for different things. For example, if you would like a microphone stand for live performance, you wouldn’t be able to simply drag that stand indoors so that you can record vocals in your studio.


Before identifying the differences in types of stands and the subdivisions of them, let’s first familiarize you with what the individual parts of a stand are called, so you can better understand what we’re talking about later in the article. Don’t worry, many of these terms are extremely intuitive and when you’re reading the definitions you’ll probably think, ‘Oh okay, I knew that!’. Good. We just want to make sure!


Base – This is the very bottom of a microphone stand and what is typically used to ensure that the stand does not tip over. However, not all microphone stands come with a base.


Clutch – The piece that you twist on the stand to lock the ‘pole’ tighter.


Microphone Clip – When you attach the little circular thing that’s going to hold your microphone, that’s referred to as the ‘microphone clip’.


Boom – So, there’s the main pole of the device that’s vertical, right? There may also be another pole on your microphone stand. 99% of the time it is adjustable and if it is then that’s your ‘boom’.


Legs – Just as the name implies. If the bottom of your stand just has extensions jutting out in three ways to maintain balance, then those would be known as the ‘legs’.


Boom Screw – This one is a little tricky to explain, but if you have a boom microphone setup, then that little silver nob that you would twist to loosen or tighten the ability of the boom itself to move would be considered the ‘boom screw’. Pretty intuitive, right?


Knob – There may just be one nob on the device, but that is typically what is used to hold the main pole upright at the desired height for the recording artist. Loosening these knobs will allow you to adjust the height for various individuals that wish to record using that microphone.




Now, that we’ve clarified that, we’ll address your questions.



What’s the difference in Outdoor/Live Performance Microphones and Indoor Microphone Stands?


Outdoor/Live Performance microphone stands – Typically, there aren’t a lot of differences with these stands as opposed to indoor ones but there are a few worth nothing. One difference is the fact that outdoor/live performance microphone stands tend to have much more stability at their base in comparison to indoor ones to withstand various weather conditions, particularly strong winds. They also don’t have as many customizable options on the stand itself; they typically just contain a maneuver that allows individuals to adjust the stand’s height. These stands typically do not have a boom. They are also significantly more likely to have a base than legs.


Indoor microphone stands – As you probably guessed from the description above, indoor microphone stands typically have substantially more customizable options than their outdoor counterparts. The best microphone stands for studios will typically allow you to adjust several different partitions of the pole itself to ensure that you can everything at the desired height. The top of the stand itself is usually different than that of outdoor as well. Instead of coming with the classic slot that you see many entertainers and speakers place their microphones in on a live stage, there is typically a slot to allow individuals to screw on a microphone holder or attachment that you would place your microphone in. The stands are designed this way on purpose because you will be placing and removing microphones from the stand significantly less frequently than you would a live performance/outdoor microphone.




Now that you have the concept of indoor microphone stands down, let’s discuss the different types there are out there. We have:


  • Round Base Stands – These are probably the most recognizable and ‘basic’ stand that you’ll find on the market. These stands typically just have a round base (hence the name) and just a pole going out from them.
  • Desktop Stands – As the name implies, these are just stands for desktop microphones. These microphones are typically USB microphones and often come with such stands. You won’t need to worry about this for the purposes of this article.
  • Overhead Stands – Overhead stands are the type of stands that you commonly see in newsrooms across the country. The have the famous ‘overhead’ boom that is designed to be angled above the recorder’s head with a microphone dangling down for them to speak into. This is usually not used conventionally in recording studios unless one is recording instruments like drums or the trumpet where it is advantageous to have the microphone ‘out of the way’ to some extent.
  • Tripod Boom Stands – These stands have 3 legs at the bottom instead of a base and are equipped with a boom as well. They are fairly popular among many studio recording artists and are a decent choice.
  • Tripod Stands – These stands are hardly any different than round base stands except for the fact that they have three legs instead of a round base.
  • Low-Profile Stands – These stands are not designed to be used for human recording (unless you have a baby that wants to drop a track). They are intended just for kick drums and other similarly situated instruments and devices to be recorded to ensure they can be picked up accurately or even at all.




For the purposes of our list of best microphone stands, we will only be discussing and including stands that fall under the category of a ‘tripod boom stand’. They are aesthetically more pleasing, significantly more accommodating for artists, and generally more used in a recording studio for those reasons.




In this section, we will be providing you a comprehensive list of what we feel are the top five Best Microphone Stands on the market currently.


For our criteria, we decided to rate the microphone stands on a category between 0 to 100, with 100 being the best and 0 the worst, on the basis of four categories. The categories are as follows:


Aesthetics – This section just looks solely at how aesthetically pleasing the device in question is. We know an essential part of creating the perfect studio is making sure that it looks as good as it works. So we’ve decided to lend our expert opinion in this area to make sure that you’re not only getting the best microphone stand in terms of function, but looks as well.

Utility – This is probably the most important section. This is where we evaluate the actual utility of the microphone stand itself. We determine this by looking at the characteristic abilities of the stand such as its customization abilities, general fit, effectiveness (remember our earlier example?) and intuitiveness.

Pricing – This category merely looks at how fair the pricing is for the stands given what it offers. We want to make sure that you aren’t paying a penny more for something than what it’s worth and that you’re truly getting one of the best microphone stands in all aspects rather than a pretty good stand that’s outrageous in cost.


Overall – The overall portion is just our score of where we feel the microphone stand places at when considering its aesthetics, utility, and pricing, among other intangibles that aren’t necessarily talked about explicitly. This section is important because some of the items on our list of best microphone stands may be better at one category than the other, but it’s always important to consider the bigger picture before making any purchase. We’ve made sure to do this for you.


Without further ado, we present to you to our list of the Best Microphone Stands on the market:

PsyRox’s List of Best Microphone Stands on the Market





#5 – LyxPro TMS-1 Tripod Boom Floor Microphone Stand

LyxPro TMS-1 Tripod Boom Floor Microphone Stand







Coming at #5 on our list, the LyxPro is definitely one of the Best Microphone Stands that you’ll find out there on the market.


Aesthetics – Aesthetically, the stand looks very professional. It has a very ‘clean’ looking all black finish on it that gives it an authentic air of superiority. The steel screws attached to each clutch are stainless and it appears to have been constructed with good intent and craftsmanship behind it. Truthfully, the stand looks as though one could use it for a substantial amount of time without significantly deteriorating the quality of its appearance, which is significant.


Utility – Utility-wise, it provides everything that one would need in a good microphone stand. There are clutches for the bottom pole and top pole attachment which the boom is connected to as well as a carefully designed boom screw for the boom itself. At the end of the boom is a finely engineered screw addendum to allow for the easy and secure attachment of any microphone clip. Anyone using this microphone stand is sure to have full reign over the customization of its orientation.


Pricing – The pricing on this item is excellent. At its current price, its most definitely a steal for anyone interested in obtaining one of the best microphone stands available on the market for cheap!


For more information, including how to purchase, customer reviews, and a more detailed product description, click here.




#4Hola! Music HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone Stand with Telescopic Boom

Hola! Music HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone Stand







Coming in at #4 on our list of best microphone stands, this stand is one of the better options that is currently available on the market for a healthy price.


Aesthetics – Aesthetically, this stand is another beautiful one. It comes equipped with ‘patented leg housing’ that allows the tripod bottom to open without a screw. It’s coated in all-black with a stainless-steel frame that ensures it will remain in great condition as long as it is reasonably well-maintained. The rest of the stand is immaculately curated in a way that screams professionalism and ‘top of the line’.


Utility – In terms of utility, there is a high level of efficiency with this stand, making it a perfect choice for our best microphone stands list.  The presence of several clutches on the boom itself means that there is a higher level of customization in this device than with most microphone stands, a huge benefit. There’s virtually nothing to be desired on this device in terms of utilization, and for that reason we’ve given it a supremely high score.


Pricing – Price-wise, this device is listed as a steal at its offering at the time of writing. We’d recommend that you go out and grab this thing if you have the opportunity.


For more information, including how to purchase, customer reviews, and a more detailed product description, click here.




#3 – PMKS5R6

PMKS5R6 Microphone Stand






Coming in at #3 on our list of best microphone stands, we feel that the PMKS56 is a more than worthy choice for any recording professional to have in their studio.

Aesthetics – Aesthetically, the device is another beautiful one our list. Although, it does not bring anything that is profoundly different than the other two placements on our best microphone stands list, it is still a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing choice nonetheless. Staying true to its promise of being ‘heavy-duty,’ the stand structurally appears to be heavier than what one would normally expect from other stands. This helps to really give it the appearance of an extraordinarily durable stand.

Utility – As imagined, if the stand is more heavy-duty than other Tripod Boom stands on the market, then it can be logically concluded that it serves much greater utility for the same reason. The stands heavy duty nature allows it to be used in virtually any and every circumstance, including the rare outdoor performance (according to their company), which gives it a vast amount of flexibility in terms of usage and utility.

Pricing – The price of the stand is commendable given what is offered here. While the price is not rock-bottom cheap, neither is the stand. Based on what the best microphone stands are currently going for on the market and what this is being offered for, we think that this is a reasonable deal for any individual to seize advantage of if they can.

For more information, including how to purchase, customer reviews, and a more detailed product description, click here.


#2 – World Tour MS7 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

World Tour MS7 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand






Coming in at a very respectable #3 on our list of best microphone stands available today on the market, the World Tour MS7 is about as big as its name in terms of what it can provide for you.

Aesthetics – As with other microphone stands on our list, it provides everything that one can aesthetically desire out of a Tripod Boom Microphone stand (big surprise!). One difference of particular note is that the coating on the tripod legs, stand, and boom itself appear to have a glossier black paint finish than the clutches do, which provides a nice contrast.

Utility – Utility-wise, this device is intended to serve the purpose that its name suggests, which is being used in just about any recording studio globally in a ‘world tour’ fashion. With its extra adjustment clutches on the boom itself, the microphone can even modify itself to a hanging boom if that is what is desired. This is a very high quality microphone stand for anyone who would like such.

Pricing – The pricing on this device is absolutely fantastic and one of the core reasons that we have placed it so high on our list of best microphone stands. If you have a chance to purchase this microphone stand, then you should absolutely do so.

For more information, including how to purchase, customer reviews, and a more detailed product description, click here.



#1 – Neewer 13feet/390cm Two Way Rotatable Aluminum Adjustable Tripod Boom Light Stand 

Neewer Adjustable Tripod Boom Light Stand






At #1 on our best microphone stands, we definitely cannot think of a more worthy choice than this one for numerous reasons which we will outline below in our scoring explanations.

Aesthetics – Aesthetically, this microphone is superb! While it does not appear to be that different than any of the other stands on our best microphone stands list, it is in numerous ways. One reason is because of the high-gloss finish on the stand itself that we really appreciate. The tripod part of the stand has a very shiny bolting to the joints of the legs which provides a great contrast and finish that complements the rest of the stand itself.

Utility – One of the best parts of this device is its utility. It comes equipped with a sandbag weight to ensure that the stand does not fall over or become damaged, which makes it utilizable in several different forms. While we have mentioned above that Tripod Boom stands are typically used for studio purposes, the inclusion of a sandbag to anchor down the stand itself makes it a viable option for nearly any scenario. The boom of the microphone stand can actually be extended very far and contracted as well, which enables it to be used in multiple forms. The main bar of the stand also functions in the same exact way.

Pricing – The pricing of the microphone stand is not the best, but according to the utility and aesthetics score of the device, it’s still a great deal. This is definitely one of those ‘can’t miss’ products if you are seeking to get the absolute best in microphone stands.

For more information, including how to purchase, customer reviews, and a more detailed product description, click here.